TOBI Portable Handheld Travel Steamer Iron

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When you are running out of time and badly need to iron your clothes and want to remove the wrinkles then the regular clothes iron is definitely not the option, believe me. What about when you are in the office and your clothes are in no position to be walked around with? What about when you are out on a visit to a place? Unwrinkled and tidy clothes make up ones personality. And none other but Tobi travel Steamer Iron could be the solution provider. It’s a revolutionized As Seen on TV product which is specifically made to make your clothes look good on the move. Perfect for nearly every cloth including linen and silk; two opposite ends, the steamer heats and puts water on the cloth. After heating up, it perfectly wipes out wrinkles with the steam power. Not just this, it also removes all the unpleasant odors from the fabric. There are 2 different brushes given and a measuring cup to affectively iron your clothes. Come and get this only at Justforsalepk!


Free Delivery Nationwide

7.5 ft long power cord

Safe for delicate fabrics

Warms up quickly for fast use

Steams in less than 3 minutes

Light, compact and easy to store

Suitable for:

Clothes & Garments

Drapes & Sheers

Tablecloths & Bedding

Cloth Shower Curtains

Upholstered Furniture


How to use:

Hang up article

Fill Portable Steamer Iron with water

Plug in (2-pin Euro plug supplied, compatible with Malaysia household 240v power socket)

Run steamer over article with a sweeping motion allowing steam to straighten wrinkles away

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